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Healthcare is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Along with more doctors and nurses, the demand for medical billers is on the rise – and rightfully so. Professional billers play an essential role in medical care, making sure hospitals and physicians are reimbursed for all of the services they provide.

For anyone interested in job security, a decent salary and meaningful work, a career as a medical biller deserves some serious consideration.

MedicalBilling.net is, in effect, a comprehensive guide to the field. As you explore our site you will find we’ve amassed every of bit of information you’ll need on certifications, programs and career trends across all fifty states. We are here to help you learn about the profession as a whole, what getting certified entails and, finally, the steps you’ll take to launch a career of your own.

  • What Does a Career In Medical Billing Look Like?

    #1: Where Do Medical Billing Professionals Work? While medical billing is a highly specialized career, professionals in the field work in a variety of settings. Many find positions in offices, away from the action of a hospital, while others work in much more clinical settings. Increasingly, medical billing professionals are being encouraged to work remotely…

  • Curriculum

    CPB Curriculum Competencies The CPB curriculum focuses on seven primary competencies of medical billing: Types of Insurance: Students learn how managed care systems work, and how to distinguish between and work with different commercial (Blue Cross/Blue Shield) and government (Medicare and Medicaid) providers. Other related issues include Medigap, worker’s compensation, and third-party…

  • Exam Prep

    Exam Prep Students preparing for the Certified Professional Biller (CPB) exam need all the practice they can get. Consisting of 200 questions to be correctly answered in 5.66 hours, candidates want to have the answers on the tip of their tongue if they want to pass the test on the first try. To help…

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